Whether you are buying or selling a property or just looking for a vacation rental, We will provide you with the best information, service, and expertise to ensure the best value, price, and experience possible.

We will handle every detail of the sale/purchase process, looking after the best interest of your investment.





1.Identify the property you want to purchase through your real estate agent. Here the Properties of Costa Rica team, being the experts in the field, can surely and professionally assist you through all the process.

2.Coordinate with the selected escrow agent in order to have them on board in regards to the custody of funds that will be required for the upcoming transaction. Attorneys can assist in providing a qualified escrow agent duly licensed by SUGEF (the government entity which provides the licenses for companies that are involved in the financial and banking line of business).

3.Once the SPA is signed, then have your attorneys initiate the Due Diligence process during the term established in the SPA for said tasks to take place (a thorough review of the current standing of the property, which includes among others, a checking of the property taxes, HOA, etc).

4.We recommend constituting a corporation through which the investor will hold ownership of the property.

5.Once the earnest money deposit has been confirmed by the escrow agent, and the term established on the SPA has elapsed, then the public deed through which the title of the property is transferred can be signed by the parties with the assistance of a Notary Public.

6.At the same time, the final payment is coordinated to be canceled through the escrow agent.

7.Next, the public deed testimony is sent by the Notary Public to the Public Registry in order, to begin with, the inscription and registration process of the property transfer. This stage entails the payment of the property transfer tax, the National Registry legal stamps, duties, and registration expenses.

8.Finally, once the National Registry finishes the inscription and registration process of the property transfer (it may take between 2-4 weeks), the purchased estate will now appear at the National Registry under the name of the new owner. Therefore, based on the registration and publicity principles that support the Costa Rican real property rights, the new proprietor has now full ownership over the estate and the government protection that comes with said title.

It is important to confirm that the property can be purchased even if the client cannot attend closing physically. The way for that to happen is through an extra step in which the buyer would grant a power of attorney to a representative in Costa Rica that will be enabled to specifically sign the purchase public deed in name of the buyer’s corporation. This extra step is a service that an Attorney can and usually provide to a client, both by preparing and coordinating the power of attorney, plus by providing the representative that will execute the purchase in name of the client´s corporation.

In conclusion, these are the main stages that a real estate purchase transaction will be facing in Costa Rica. Of course, if there are further legal questions or instructions on your behalf, please feel free to let us know about them so we can help out clarifying. In the meantime, We wish for you to have a sensational experience through the phase of looking for the right property in which your dream to invest here in Costa Rica becomes true.

Article Provide by RE&B Attorneys


“Luxury real estate” means different things to different people, and while widely available and even more widely advertised, it is up to you to define for us your ideal property. Costa Rica has a vast array of stunning landscapes and a growing market for world-renowned architects to become involved, and it is our job to help you find your luxury home. If an equestrian hacienda on rolling green fields describes your dream home, we can help with that. If wide expansive windows offering sweeping views of the endless ocean crashing on rocks or beach is more your kind of luxury, we will do our best to find it for you. If comfort and security is what you desire, a wide range of gated communities are available where you will find individuals with a similar interest in fine homes within a secured complex. If your view of luxury is about low maintenance and shared responsibility, a modern, fully-serviced condominium may be your ideal option. And if you view luxury as an expression of your own character and outlook and prefer to create your own unique home, we will do our best to find you the perfect location for a lot on which you can build, whether with views of the jungle, the mountains or the ocean, whether secluded or close to a community.


All properties in the Properties in Costa Rica portfolio are carefully assessed and categorized to ensure we offer only the best property listings.

  •  We work with you to understand your criteria and requirements, this allows us to present options that meet your requests.
  • We will provide you with relevant and up-to-date information about current market conditions.
  • We negotiate with the seller on your behalf and work with you to resolve any challenges that may arise.
  • We coordinate with other professionals that you will need during the process and make sure that all required documents are complete and accurate, and all deadlines met.


All properties listed with Properties in Costa Rica, will be promoted through our various networks and systems.

  • We research comparative properties that have recently sold and work with you to set a price to maximize your profit.
  • Selling listings are featured on our web portals and publications, and made available to our extensive database of clients and realtors, and are uploaded to local, regional and global web pages to ensure maximum outreach.
  • Marketing is done through email distribution to our international database contacts, as well as through peer realtor networks for referrals, realtor open houses, and various social media channels.
  • This range of promotion efforts, combined with our extensive experience, will facilitate a sale in the least possible time, and at the best market price possible.


Whether short-term, long-term, or vacation renter, our goal is to find you the rental property that offers the space, privacy and independent living most suited to your requirements.

  • We pursue and retain quality connections with property owners and service providers to ensure that our options are always up-to-date, for quality properties.
  • If you want to try renting before buying, we will strive to find you a rental property similar to what you may be thinking about purchasing.
  • We manage the contacts, negotiations and rental process with the various parties so you don’t have to.


If you are purchasing a second home in Costa Rica, whether or not you plan to rent it, reliable property management is a necessity. It is essential to have a trustworthy property management team monitoring your property and overseeing your investment to look after your best interests. We have the knowledge and experience in a wide array of services that will make owning a home in Costa Rica stress-free, ensuring that upon arrival to your property, everything is in good working order, and cared for in accordance with your requirements and standards. We can assist with government taxes, paying utilities, preventive and corrective maintenance, housekeeping, gardening, pool service, and other services as may be required and requested. If you want to rent your home, our vacation specialists look after everything from finding and pre-qualifying the right vacation renters for your home and working to maximize your return.


Properties in Costa Rica offers a broad range of relocation services to assist you with the process and guide you through the details involved in the purchase or sale of your home. The team has a network of professionals that can help with the legal process of the purchase and sale agreement and the title transfer, assisting with financing and bank arrangements, investigating options for schools and medical facilities in the area, advising as to home improvement and decorating shopping options, and other matters which may require assistance, in order to make the transition a smooth one for you and your family.


At Properties in Costa Rica, we are not just here to help you with the narrow business of a real estate transaction. We also have a strong network of professionals with whom we work closely to assist you with a broad range of related services and expertise. We are happy to provide you with assistance in any of the following areas:

LEGAL SERVICES – for the purchase and/or sale of a property, as well as advice and assistance in succession planning, wills and estates related to your property, including a 30-MINUTE FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION

QUALIFIED HOME INSPECTORS – To review and advice on your property.

BUILDERS – If you are looking to build or renovate on your property, we can provide you with recommendations to a number of qualified and reputable builders.

INVESTMENT ADVICE – Referrals to individuals with expertise in business and property investment.

INSURANCE – Whether property, auto, business or commercial insurance, we can put you in touch with the right people.

RESIDENCY – If you are planning on relocating to Costa Rica, we have professionals with expertise in the area to advise you each step of the way.