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"I came to visit costa rica for the first time in December 2015 by February 2016 I had purchased my dreamed home. After just a few hours in Tamarindo I knew this was where I wanted to live. Deciding that I wanted to have a home in Costa Rica was the easy part, now I had to find someone to turn those dreams into a reality. While surfing in Playa Grande I met Andres and shared with him my dream of purchasing a home in Guanacaste. He then arranged for us to meet the next day to go surf and look at some homes. At this point I told him the chances of me buying anything were slim, yet he didn’t care and reassured me we were just going to have a fun day and entertain my dream. To not drag this story out , Andres helped me find my dream home, he turned an idea into a reality and made this the easiest decision I’ve ever made. He found me a beautiful ocean view condo for a very affordable price. He answered my thousands of annoying emails, and he was there for me a 100 precent. I’ve bought many houses through out my life and I can reassure you that no one has ever provided the service Andres did. From beginning to end he was funny, smart, and more dependable than i could ever imagined. I will forever be grateful he took his time and gave so much effort to make my dream come true!"

Walter Calligari, 58, Bradenton Florida
Bought in Sunset Hill, Apartment 3

Mar 23rd, 2015

This testimonial will serve as an honest assessment for recent dealings with Andres. During our spring break vacation of March 2014 with our two daughters. Debbie, my wife and I decided that Costa Rica would be our future country and home. We elected to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary in Costa Rica in three different areas in July 2014. Debbie did a comprehensive search for potential properties in Tamarindo and Samara. Andres was recommended to Debbie and she contacted him seeking advice and possibilities to visit for an evaluation while in town during July 2014.

Almost instantly Debbie maintained and sustained positive dialogue with Andres and he provided invaluable feedback and with that an appointment was set up for Andres to pick us up and show us few properties. Andres met us at the hotel on time and was very personable and spoke effective English and we learned right away that he is an educated and knowledgeable young man.

Everywhere we went in Tamarindo he was greeted by many local people as he was well known and respected. The both of us felt very secure with him and he treated us as family and Joked around with him constantly.It was a amazing how fast Andres was able to evaluate our likes and dislikes as we visited a few properties. He asked us to keep an open mind about a property that he was about to show us that was not on the agenda and of course we agreed.

After visiting Rancho Villa Real Andres proposed that we meet with local architects he knew just to evaluate the possibility of designing our future home just in case. The both of us gained valuable input from Andres and we were compelled to keep our experience as a tool for what we may do in the near future.

Well to keep the story short we decided within five weeks that we were going to purchase a property and that we were going to build a home on that property designed by the architect that Andres recommended. Furthermore, Andres recommended a local knowledge lawyer who worked the purchase and will represent us in the future.We plan on moving to our new home in December of this year and Andres also proposed what kind of house warming party we are going to have. I feel that it was destiny and faith that propelled our meeting with Andres and that he made our dreams possible.We have the utmost respect for this young man who is very passionate about his country and his family as well as his profession.

We will always consider him as a dear friend and family member for the years to come.Just two weeks ago we took a spring break vacation with our daughters again and spend an entire week in Tamarindo. Needless to say we got together couple times with Andres for dinner and drinks... he does not consume alcohol! Our daughters were impress by him for his personality and savviness, and, of course I already knew that.

In summary we would recommend Andres for anyone who has any interest in any part of Costa Rica for I know that he would serve those clients with professionalism, courtesy and a genuine Costa Rican pride. We can't wait to make our transition to our new home later this year and at the same time look forward to cultivating lasting friendship with Andres and his family.

Properties in Costa Rica should be very proud to have someone like Andres on their team.I know we got lucky with him and I know you will as well.

Kind regards,
Waleed William Tarazi

Member of The International Member of Costa Rica Member of National Real Estate blog and news